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Mesenchymal extract to regenerate functional tissues and energy level

      Mesenchymal extract is prepared from mammal extra-embryonic connective tissue and, like other gland extracts, also has a long history of use. Dr. Niehans (a reputed Swiss endocrinologist) already used it in the thirties to rejuvenate aging cells (Niehans, 1960).  Mesenchymal stem cells are undifferentiated cells that, when triggered under appropriate conditions, can become almost any type of cells to help restore damaged or aging tissues (Caplan, 1994). Mesenchymal extract is obtained by breaking down mesenchymal stem cells to liberate active molecules. These active molecules are then selectively picked up through a special patented process to obtain a mesenchymal liquid extract that provides a natural rich source of cellular growth factors and other signaling molecules.

Myalgia is a significant feature of CFS.  The diffuse muscle pain seen in CFS is, in fact, quite reminiscent of that observed in fibromyalgia, a rheumatoid disease.  Recent studies have linked insufficient plasma levels of growth hormone to both conditions (Berwaerts, 1998; Bennet, 2002) and administration of growth hormone to patients with fibromyalgia was able to reduce pain symptoms (Leal-Cerro, 1999).  Mesenchymal extract, being a rich source of growth factors, is expected to be helpful in reducing the chronic pain experienced by many CFS sufferers.

      Additionally, as demonstrated in our laboratories, mesenchymal extract has the capacity to increase mitochondrial metabolism, the primary aerobic source of energy for cells (Fig. 4).  This in vitro experiment demonstrated that NatCell Mesenchyme contains a biological activity capable of inducing aerobic respiration (WST-1 mitochondrial activity) in fibroblast, while negligibly affecting their proliferation (Hoescht DNA count).  Embryonic bovine serum was present at a minimal concentration in the cell culture milieu, as a source of general growth nutrients to maintain cell viability.  This biological activity profile is of primary importance for NatCell Mesenchyme to support its use as a nutritional supplement especially in physiological conditions for which an increase in cellular metabolic activity may bring benefits. This is certainly the case in CFS.

Figure 4. Effect of NatCell Mesenchyme on fibroblast mitochondrial activity and proliferation

Effect of NatCell Mesenchyme on fibroblast mitochondrial activity and proliferation

          Muscle weakness is a common symptom among CFS patients and is believed to be linked to reduced oxidative metabolism (McCully, 1996) caused by some mitochondrial defect (Behan, 1991).  As reduced mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation directly affects ATP synthesis, there is less energy available for physical activity.  As a metabolic booster, Mesenchymal cell extract may help restore the body energy level to relieve the fatigue and muscle pain of CFS patients.  As a result, Mesenchymal cell extract should increase their capacity to exercise, itself an important step in the recovery process.

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